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Economics 1

The research of the junior professorship focuses on long-run development and economic history. Using applied methods, we study historical episodes to identify causal effects in economic development and to inform about current policy challenges. In particular, we work on topics related to the causes and effects of migration, educational and social reform and their effects on social mobility, regional differences in the demographic transition, and the effects of historical public health interventions on economic and health-related outcomes.

Latest news


New Working Paper: "Assimilate for God: The Impact of Religious Divisions on Danish American Communities"

The cultural assimilation of immigrants into the host society is often equated with prospects for economic success, with religion seen as a potential…

Between Tradition and Assimilation: The Divided Worlds of Happy and Holy Danes

New publication in European Review of Economic History: "Is there a refugee gap? Evidence from over a century of Danish naturalizations".

The “refugee gap”—the difference in the economic status of refugees relative to other migrants might be due to the experience of being a refugee or to…

An Act relating to Danish citizenship .

Nina Boberg-Fazlić becomes editor of the journal "Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History".

Historical Methods reaches an international audience of historians and other social scientists concerned with historical problems. It explores…

Cover of the Journal "Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History"

New publication in the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics: "Immigrant Communities and Knowledge Spillovers: Danish Americans and the Development of the Dairy Industry in the United States"

Despite the growing literature on the impact of immigration, little is known about the role existing migrant settlements can play for knowledge…

A continous cream-milk separator marketed by Maglekilde Machine Factory in 1878.

New Working Paper: "Holy Cows and Spilt Milk: The Impact of Religious Conflict on Firm-Level Productivity".

We consider the impact of non-violent religious conflict on firm-level productivity. We zoom in on a Protestant and otherwise very homogeneous…


Start of the project "Persistence or change? – Lessons from the introduction of enhetsskolen in Denmark and Norway"

The project will contribute to the global debate about how to overcome today’s societal challenges in terms of educational inequalities and restricted…


New publication in the Journal of Economic Growth: "Getting to Denmark: The role of agricultural elites for development".

We explore the role of elites for development and the spread of industrialized dairying in Denmark in the 1880s. We demonstrate that the location of…


New publication in Explorations in Economic History: "The sleeping giant who left for America: Danish land inequality and emigration during the age of mass migration".

What is the role of access to land for the decision to emigrate? We consider the case of Denmark between 1868 and 1908, when a large number of people…